guidePORT is an <H1>Audio Guides system</H1> for : . <H1>museums</H1> . <H1>exhibition</H1> with <H2>headphones</H2> and special equipment you can enjoy <strong>Audio portable guided tours</strong> such as <strong>virtual museum tours</strong>, <strong>audio channel selector tour</strong>. <H3>Information systems</H3> and <H3>communication systems</H3> from Sennheiser.
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Audiotour, Audioguides, audio tour systems, equipment, audio tour guides
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Museum Audio Equipment, Exhibition audio equipment, self guided systems, guided audio equipment
personal guide systems, Museum guide, Exhibition guide, portable, equipment,information systems, communication systems
guidePORT, Audio, Guides, museums, exhibition, Headphones, Audio, portable, equipment

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What is guidePORT?

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Accompany our two museum visitors on their interactive guided tour


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The redesigned guidePORT

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