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BIODôME brings the sounds of nature to life
Canada/Montreal: If, on your next trip to Montreal, you wish to find out more about the various ecosystems in the entire continent of North America, then the BIODôME is a must. This exhibition offers visitors a fascinating insight into the interaction of flora, fauna and climate. The guidePORT visitor information system not only ensures that information is provided at just the right time, but that the sounds of nature are brought to life!
Bringing the pottery tradition to life
Belgium/Roche: The detailed way in which the pottery museum in Grès de la Roche (Belgium) presents its “stoneware” exhibits and video sequences is a sight to behold. The guidePORT system installed here offers informative, atmospherically fitting and lip-synched recordings. Visitors are able to learn all about the exciting traditional art of pot making in their mother tongue.
Become a researcher in the Max Planck Society “Science Tunnel”
Germany/Duisburg: The multimedia touring exhibition “Science Tunnel” is dedicated to communicating how leading researchers at the internationally renowned Max Planck Society work and reach their scientific conclusions. With this in mind, ensuring general understanding is just as important as the art of making complex relationships exciting and entertaining. guidePORT is a key part of the science show, which includes more than 150 video clips and 50 interactive exhibits. Thanks to guidePORT, every single visitor gets to become a scientist in search of the answers to humanity's greatest questions.
guided audio equipment
An ABSOLUTe success in the Mojo Club
Germany/Hamburg: The spirit producer ABSOLUT is known for its use of innovative and highly-effective publicity in order to implement its marketing strategies. At a promotional event in the former Mojo Club in Hamburg, ABSOLUT served great-tasting vodka cocktails against a backdrop of the coolest sounds thanks to guidePORT. This “neighbour-friendly” silent disco is guaranteed to have plenty of imitators.
audio communication systems
indoorFair / Promotion
Workout with your very own personal trainer
Germany/Hamburg: Flexibility is one of the major advantages of guidePORT, something which the owners and guests at Medi-Terrain, a fitness and wellness oasis near to Hamburg, profit from in equal measure. Thanks to guidePORT, the company can now present itself as particularly customer-friendly. Since the system’s launch, guests have been able to enjoy uninterrupted, personalised workouts – whatever the time of day.
An internationally renowned artist in a cosmopolitan ambience: the Frida Kahlo museum
Mexico/Mexico City: Even during her lifetime, the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was regarded as an international star. Her tumultuous and rebellious lifestyle not only set new benchmarks, but was also a source of fascination. With 85% of guests coming from abroad, the Frida Kahlo museum must cater for an international audience. With guidePORT, a high-quality multilingual solution was found which meets the complex requirements without antennas and identifiers.
Full steam ahead for the Spoorweg railway museum
Netherlands/Utrecht: Q. What, in addition to their size and the ingenious interaction of the huge iron parts, is most impressive about historical steam locomotives? A. The thrilling operating sounds! Yet, museum operators are not able to keep their exhibits “on the go” all the time. This is where guidePORT comes in; this system offers visitors a genuine acoustic experience and also provides background information in an extremely pleasing way.
The fascination of college sport in the Hall of Champions
USA/Indianapolis: 50,000 fascinated visitors each year – the figures speak for themselves! College sport and its stars are of great national interest. To ensure that things stay this way, the Hall of Champions presents a mix of proud memories and motivation for future excellence. The use of guidePORT gives the exhibition just the right contemporary flair – making it attractive to younger visitors too.
An art house in Singapore: civic culture for all
Singapore/: It was once a house, then a court house, and later still the parliament house. Today it is an art house – an interdisciplinary centre for art and artists, a place whose great history goes well beyond national borders. This is one of the reasons why the operators were extremely keen that the visitor information system be integrated in an unobtrusive and, in places, invisible manner.
Restored to its former glory: Dresden’s Frauenkirche
Germany/Dresden: The Frauenkirche in Dresden is proof that structures worthy of protection and state-of-the-art electrotechnology can form a harmonious symbiosis. In the most visited and most popular building in the so-called “Florence of the North,” guidePORT takes visitors on a journey through this stunning building’s turbulent history and explains the most important art history details. Entire parties can use the guidePORT system for their individual tour without disturbing other visitors.
D_00_0.wav (2.097 kB)
indoorSite/Factory Tour
Commemorate and inform: the former Stasi prison “Red Ox”
Germany/Halle: For more than 100 years the “Red Ox” prison was synonymous with fear and suppression. In 2006, a memorial was created here, which documents the turbulent and, in parts, startling history of this place, including the stories of former political prisoners. Thanks to guidePORT, visitors from all over the world are given the opportunity to find out all about the prison in their mother tongue – without disturbing those who wish to commemorate the victims of arbitrariness and violence in silence.
90 magic music memories in the Rock ´n´ Pop museum
Germany/Gronau: Thanks to guidePORT, the memories come flooding back as the sounds ´n´ stories from over 90 music legends are presented – in perfect full stereo sound and with individually adjustable volume – in the Rock ´n´ Pop museum in Gronau. An exhibition of this kind would be unthinkable without guidePORT. Just imagine what 90 rock sequences at 90 locations would sound like if played at the same time from 180 loudspeakers
The Augsburg Mozart House as an audio book
Germany/Augsburg: Augsburg is, without a doubt, a city dedicated to Mozart. As important as Vienna and as attractive as Salzburg, the city is referred to as “my father’s hometown” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself. Given this seal of authentication, the people of Augsburg have created a vivid and colourful exhibition in the Mozart House to mark the 250th birthday of their honorary son. A guidePORT tour in the style of an audio book invites visitors on a journey into the sounds of the 18th century.
indoorSite/Factory Tour
Reach for the stars: outstanding accessibility in Hamburg’s planetarium
Germany/Hamburg: In order to allow the hard of hearing the opportunity to enjoy a trip to the stars, the operators of Hamburg’s planetarium have opted for guidePORT. A simultaneous interpretation system, which is designed to meet the needs of those with hearing impairments perfectly, together with special, installed induction loops allow for multilingual input – from which, of course, those without hearing impairments can also benefit.
Luxury car body as multimedia show
Germany/Berlin: What do sounds taken from nature and everyday life have to do with a new car? The renowned agency, UNIPLAN, which is known for its unusual campaigns and product presentations, used guidePORT in order to present the luxury Lexus IS model for Toyota. Visitors were able to visit more than 40 multimedia forums in an accessible, spiral-shaped rotunda to find out what “L finesse – from external dynamism to inner calm” really means.
indoorFair / Promotion
Turning district art into a greater work of art: sculpture@cityNord
Germany/Hamburg: sculpture@CityNord has got what it takes to become a key part of Hamburg’s summer events calendar. The sculpture project was so successful in 2006 that a repeat event was planned for 2008. guidePORT provided the background information, artists’ statements, sound collages, lyrical texts and a musical backdrop. The events brought together residents, employees from the local companies, artists and visitors.
sculpture_city_nord.mp3 (799 kB)
The life of an artist as part of local history: the Berry museum
Switzerland/St. Moritz: First he was a spa doctor and then a painter: Peter Robert Berry (1864-1942) was extremely fond of the Engandine area, indeed all his work reflects his love of this Swiss countryside and its colours. The guidePORT tour not only takes visitors back to the artist’s lifetime, it also offers an insight into the history of this glamorous spa, with personal letters, diary extracts and notes from the artist.
In the “Delphi-Filmpalast am Zoo” the partially sighted and hard of hearing can enjoy great cinematic experiences
Germany/Berlin: The operators of the Berlin-based cinema “Delphi-Filmpalast am Zoo” have taken a pioneering approach to accessibility. Thanks to the flexible guidePORT system, the partially sighted and hard of hearing can now enjoy a cinematic experience tailored to their needs. Specially created audio recordings, which cannot be heard by the other guests, complement the events of the big screen, thus enabling the film to be understood by all.
indoorCinema / Theatre
Evocative of 1001 Arabian Nights: the castle in the oasis
Oman/Nizwa: It took Bala´rab bin Sultan bin Seif Al Yaàrubi more than ten years (1680 to 1692) to build Jabreen castle on almost impossible foundations: desert sand and rock. Thanks to state-of-the-art guidePORT technology, the operators of the castle in the Nizwa oasis took decidedly less time to install a visitor information system here! It goes without saying that the precious structures were not compromised by the installation. Available in six different languages, the tour is evocative of the tales from 1001 Arabian Nights. There are even different versions available for adults and children.
Prehistory in Diamond Valley Lake
USA/Hemet: The challenge of researching and classifying the over one million prehistorical finds in the Diamond Valley Lake and then conserving them for future generations is a seemingly endless challenge. In order to allow non-scientists the chance to learn about hi-tech conservation techniques, interpretation methods and prehistory without being disturbed, the operators of this exhibition in the Western Center for Archeology and Paleontology have opted for guidePORT. This ensures that the ongoing research process is barely interrupted.
It’s not just a theory of relativity: guidePORT makes Einstein’s theories easier to understand
Spain/Barcelona: Be honest, do you really know what e=mc2 means? Most of us know the man behind the formula, but not what the formula itself precisely means. In guidePORT, the operators of the Einstein exhibition have found a contemporary tool that allows complex information, such as this exceptional scientist’s theory of relativity, to be communicated in an understandable and entertaining manner. We reckon Einstein would have been – relatively – pleased with this technology.
In Animalízate the words of a long gone Sioux chief can be heard by all visitors – dignified and authentic
Mexico/Chalco: The Animalízate was developed as an interactive farm experience for children. Here, they can learn all about native Mexican animals and other exotic species, as well as how mankind can learn to respect and live in peace with these animals. The ingenious bit: the animals “speak” to the children via guidePORT. The cultural heritage of the Sioux Indians also has a special role to play. One of their chiefs makes an impressive speech. His message – adeptly translated into Spanish – on the threat to animals from humans is thus preserved for future generations.
A day at the courts (without being summoned!)
Mexico/Mexico City: Mexico’s Supreme Court is a court house and structural masterpiece in one. That’s why a visit is well worth your while, even without a summons. The guidePORT users can choose from three languages. Thanks to the additional integration of infoPORT system components (also from Sennheiser), up to 50 visitors can be addressed directly by one guide via the infoPORT microphone.
Open-air tour in the birth house of a saint: the Castillo de Javier
Spain/Pamplona: The Castillo de Javier has been one of the main attractions in the province of Pamplona since the middle ages. After all, in 1506, St. Francisco Javier was born here! The castle and its inhabitants have also played a major role in the turbulent history of this region. guidePORT has made history here too – as the first open-air installation of this kind in Spain. It goes without saying that the system is available in a number of languages.
outdoorSite/Factory Tour
Mexican murals in the Fine Arts Museum
Mexico/Mexico City: With their socio-critical, bright and ethnic works, artists such as Diego Rivera, Orozco and Tamayo have transformed mural art into an internationally regarded art form. The Fine Arts Museum presents these pieces using the guidePORT system – allowing visitors to discover these monumental murals at their own time and pace.
City tour, sabre rattling and the roar of guns
Mexico/Campeche: The port city of Campeche on the Yucatán peninsula is a World Heritage Site – reason enough for the city fathers to send their visitors, with a guidePORT receiver and map, on a tour of discovery to 50 important sights, including churches, small museums, government buildings and historical monuments. In the evening, the San José fort invites visitors to take part in an interactive pirate tour – with sabre rattling, the shouting of mutineers and the roar of guns all included thanks to guidePORT.
outdoorCity Tour
Sporting grounds, palaces and Maya temples
Mexico/Campeche: Edzná, one of Mexico’s most important archaeological Maya sites, is located 61 kilometres south-east of Campeche. It took 300 years to develop the spacious site comprising temple pyramids, palaces, housing and grounds for ritual sporting events. Today, visitors can choose between five languages in order to learn about 32 of these sights in greater detail. Thanks to guidePORT, visitors can decide for themselves the route they wish to take.
The compact 1,000-mile rally “Mille Miglia”
Italy/Brescia: It’s not an easy task to bring together the magic, enthusiasm and facts of this extremely popular Italian street rally in one place, namely the Mille Miglia museum. For 34 years, the legendary 1,000 miles were regarded as the challenge for car manufacturers and drivers – the operators of this exhibition have now created a worthy memorial. With guidePORT, visitors are taken on a hugely entertaining visual and acoustic journey though automotive and racing history – naturally with all the sounds and atmosphere of this unique event.
Getting to know and understand Einstein interactively
Germany/Berlin: If Albert Einstein is the “Chief Engineer of the Universe,” then the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, as the operators of this Einstein exhibition, should justifiably be called the “Engineers of contemporary knowledge transfer.” An exhibition was created without walls with the help of the internet. The result is a living panorama of scientific history, a teaching and learning aid in one, suitable for both adults and children and supported acoustically by the high-end visitor information system guidePORT.
Not just for fans: the football club Fenerbahce celebrates its 100th birthday
Turkey/Istanbul: “It’s what happens on the pitch that matters” – we hear it time and time again from the millions of gifted, would-be trainers, preaching their convictions emphatically and in full-voice during stadium visits. At the museum of the Turkish club Fenerbahce, guidePORT has proven that, even outside of the stadium, football history can be presented in an entertaining manner with sure-fire results.
Enhanced aesthetics and innovation for community service centre, Theravitalis
Germany/Hamburg: The evangelical foundation, Alsterdorf, is a modern and diverse service enterprise. The needs of the individual are at the core of the wide range of health and wellness services offered – with the aim of providing perfect care. The integration of guidePORT in the training equipment has played an important role in achieving just this – for both the young and old. They value the fact that they can complete tailor-made programs without having to rely on a personal trainer.
Sand, the stuff of artists’ dreams: Sand World
Germany/Travemünde: “How come they don’t collapse?” Each year thousands of visitors come to marvel at the exhibits in Sand World, an exhibition with sculptures created completely from sand by renowned artists in this genre. On the day after the exhibition has finished, the organisers of Sand World traditionally give the blind and partially sighted the unforgettable opportunity of experiencing the sculptures with their hands and ears with the help of guidePORT.
froschkoenig.mp3 (3.730 kB)
Pop art icon Andy Warhol and the provocation of the superficial
Italy/Milan: “If you want to know all about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface of my paintings and films and me, and there I am. There’s nothing behind it.” The mastermind behind pop art loved to cause a stir. Just like the master, this exhibition in Milan is unresting, diverse and dazzling. guidePORT helps visitors to understand Andy Warhol as an all-round talent – or indeed as a superficial nothing!
Bringing the Australian gold rush to life
Australia/Ballarat: Over 150 years ago, when the land in Australia was divided up, the gold prospector town of Ballarat experienced a revolution: the people had had enough of corruption, arbitrariness and the feudal system. This event is regarded as the birth of democracy in Australia. Today, in conjunction with guidePORT, visitors are given the opportunity to wash gold themselves, explore a mine, ride in a carriage and, in this way, to learn first-hand all about life on the fifth continent.
Avant-garde and tradition united under one roof: the palace of arts
Hungary/Budapest: According to operators, the palace of arts has been built for the present and distant future. It provides a grand infrastructure in which all imaginable traditional and avant-garde art forms can exist and flourish together. Remarkable equipment and state-of-the-art technology allow the staging of exhibitions and events of the highest order and in unusual dimensions. Operators can trust in the flexibility of guidePORT and be sure they have made a great investment.
Sigmund Freud’s birthplace as a contemporary museum
Czech Republic/Pribor: guidePORT makes its debut in the Czech Republic: prior to the official opening of the Sigmund Freud museum in the house where he was born, ambassadors from several countries tried out the guidePORT tour, which is offered in four languages. A Canadian visitor summed it up nicely: “guidePORT helps in perfectly transporting Freud’s work.” Another advantage is the fact that the building, which is worthy of protection, was not compromised in any way as a result of the installation of guidePORT.
freud_probor.wav (395 kB)
Musicals, dramas and comedies for all in the “Theater am Domhof”
Germany/Osnabrück: guidePORT brings the pleasure of the theatre to the blind and partially sighted. The operators offer a pioneering service in terms of accessibility: at the same time as the performance, the guidePORT receiver provides a commentary of the dramaturgy of the piece being performed. This enables both the blind and partially sighted to thoroughly enjoy musicals, dramas and comedies together with the fully sighted audience, who are not disturbed by the parallel commentary.
indoorCinema / Theatre
Espresso culture made in Switzerland
Switzerland/Orbe: The name Nespresso represents the desire to offer espresso connoisseurs outstanding flavour and preparation methods. This, however, represents a major challenge in terms of production. Those who want to see first-hand how the company successfully manages this challenge, can take part in a tour of the plant in Switzerland. Thanks to guidePORT, groups of visitors from around the world can hear all about the product in four languages – without being disturbed by the whirring of the production machines.
indoorSite/Factory Tour
Experience everyday Indian life
USA/Santa Fe: In no other city in the USA has Indian culture survived in such a vivid and differentiated manner as in New Mexico. Here, Indian traditions and the famous craftwork with silver, turquoise, feathers and pearls belong to everyday life. guidePORT takes visitors to an intact pueblo (Span: village) whilst villagers go about their normal lives.
A new approach towards Emergency Preparedness
Singapore/: As part of the Singapore Civil Defence Force's (SCDF) on-going public education efforts, the Multi Lingual Video Broadcast System was introduced. This system is able to deliver emergency preparedness video shows through combinations of visual presentations as well as audio narratives available in the four official languages of Singapore. Developed in conjunction with Sennheiser, this system leverages on the Sennheiser's guidePORT wireless information system to transcend language barriers in order to reach out to a multi-ethnic audience. This is especially useful during SCDF's Public Education outreach efforts in the community heartlands. With wireless headsets available, visitors are able to receive audio broadcasts in the languages they prefer once they step into the "zones" where the visuals are being screened.
indoorFair / Promotion
guidePORT and monument conservation: an obvious partnership
Germany/Dresden: One of the key advantages of guidePORT is that buildings worthy of protection are in no way damaged by its installation. With the help of guidePORT, in the “Zeitschichten” exhibition (Eng. “Layers of time”) attention was turned to the issue of monument conservation itself. Numerous high-quality exhibits and the Dresden castle provided diverse opportunities to consider how we manage our structural heritage. They gave visitors an insight into the history and development of public monument conversation – as well as the possibilities afforded by systems such as guidePORT for offering tours which do not compromise structures and buildings in any way.
indoorSite/Factory Tour
A Journey into Early History: Scythians Gold
Germany/Berlin: Long before the Silk Road became the most important trade route connecting Asia and Europe, the horse-riding nation of the Scythians ruled over the steppe and tundra in northern Asia and eastern Europe. The exhibition "The Golden Griffon. The Scythians« Royal Graves" ("Im Zeichen des Goldenen Greifen. Königsgräber der Skythen”) in Berlin shows how these nomads lived, how they bejeweled themselves and their horses with gold, and why they buried their dead in magnificent graves full of gold. This exhibition meant a double challenge for guidePORT: on the one hand, an informative and entertaining journey into the culture and history of these eurasian nomads for adults, and on the other hand, an audio drama for children that even makes them meet two "real" Scythians.
The Bible as an exhibition theme: brought to life and respectfully placed in the spotlight using guidePORT
Belgium/Bruges: There is hardly another exhibition which needs to be presented as sensitively as this one: the Bible. The creators of the exhibition at the Bible Museum have created something unique with a presentation that makes perfect use of many multimedia facilities. Visitors of various religions are given information about the history of the Bible, on historical places, people, its importance in the past and today and much more using guidePORT. The exhibition does not shy away from also making clear references to other religions.
guidePORT enables racial segregation to be experienced up close at the Apartheid Museum
South Africa/Johannesburg: On the day that guidePORT was officially put into use, the exhibition was praised by none other than Nelson Mandela during his visit to the museum. Hardly a visitor comes here without being simultaneously shocked and impressed at how courageously and intensively the museum deals with South Africa’s recent history. At the entrance, for example, where every visitor’s ticket is clearly marked stating whether they are white or coloured, visitors are only allowed to enter the exhibition using separate paths. What follows are guidePORT-supported installations, the complexity and power of which are virtually unsurpassed.
04_panorama_.aiff (10.853 kB)
Water - the fundamental substance of life and of an entertainingly wet exhibition
USA/Hemet: Man, woman and child do not need to be scared of water if they choose the Center for Water Education as the destination for an excursion. Here the variety of exhibits coincides with the countless ways in which we encounter this life and pleasure-giving fundamental substance. The warning finger that reminds us to use water responsibly is raised here too but the main focus is on lots of fun and modern entertainment – and here in particular guidePORT provides a contribution which is highly appreciated by all visitors.
Motion pictures and moving words: The Québec Cinema exhibition
Canada/Québec: Film and sound, they go together like man and woman, above and below, left and right. Without one the other is somehow incomplete. And this is how the “Québec Cinema” exhibition organisers saw it too. So they chose guidePORT, to ensure that all the information about the countless film documents and sector-typical exhibits of exclusively Canadian origin can be really enjoyed unaltered. As a result, the pride in their own film history can also be communicated verbally with excellent effect – and every visitor can enjoy an all-round perfect show.
Giardino Bardini
Italy/Florence: The Bardini garden in Florence takes advantage of a Sennheiser guidePORT system based on 16 activation points. Like the previous installation, the system offers an automatic fruition of the messages along the path. Unlike the installation of Oasi la Valle, where the visitor is “bound” to one path, here the visitor is “free,” meaning that he can choose which path to follow. The messages are automatically activated accordingly to the different “identifiers” that he encounters.
Similarly to Oasi la Valle, the 50 receivers give information about the plants and the seasons in the garden, making the visitor feel a unique experience.
outdoorCity Tour
Pinacoteca Cassa Risparmio Tortona
Italy/Tortona: The art gallery is an indoor location where the visitor can activate the messages individually. The operation is simple: the visitor goes near the painting, reads the number on its label and enters that number into the receiver to activate the corresponding message. This installation is based on a “manual activation," not on a “zone activation,” and consists of 20 receivers, being able to play 50 pre-recorded messages. Like all installations based on Sennheiser guidePORT system, this can be expanded for further needs, making any wildlife park, amusement or museum tour incredibly unique.
Oasi la Valle
Italy/Perugiia: Located in Magione, a village in the province of Perugia, this installation by Exhibo is based on 20 receivers placed on a wood bridge along the lake Trasimeno.
When the different reception points are automatically activated by the users going near, they describe anecdotes about the local flora and fauna, and additional information about the enchanting theme of the four seasons, depending on the aspects of the lake itself.
Andrea Gottardo, Exhibo Product Manager, is the man who designed and created these three installations. His comment: “We are proud of this simple but efficient project that exploits the great functionality of Sennheiser guidePORT system. In this naturalistic oasis, both the occasional visitor and the birdwatcher can walk through an amazing path, 'accompanied' by the guidePORT stories, being literally fascinated. A similar installation was recently made in Florence too.”
outdoorCity Tour
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